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We're proud to partner with motor carriers like OTR Capital. Want to learn more about the Trucker CFO? Listen to the message below from the Trucker CFO Colton Lawrence.

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Just as OTR Capital is committed to keeping you rolling, the Trucker CFO works to ensure your business runs smoothly and profitably. Follow the links below to activate your services with the Trucker CFO.  Upon completion of the forms, a Trucker CFO representative will reach out within one business day.

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What will the Trucker CFO do for you?

Let's keep it simple; we're here to help you understand how the decisions you make impact (or have impacted) your business. In short, the Trucker CFO's services can be grouped into three main categories: accounting, tax, and strategy.


We’re your accounting team now.

Receipts. Bookkeeping. Profit & Loss statements. The Trucker CFO Team can deal with the receipts while you deal with the Prius in your blindspot.

Listen to our Trucker CFO mini-cast to learn how we can help with your accounting needs.


Pay what’s required but not a dime more.

No one enjoys paying taxes, but owing taxes is one the indicators that shows your business is achieving success. When it comes to taxes, the Trucker CFO Team has the experience you need to help you reduce your tax liability as a trucking entrepreneur and business owner.

To learn more on how the Trucker CFO can help you understand your taxes, check out our mini-cast.


Now for the fun part.

Owning a business can be really rewarding if you’re doing it right. If not, it can drive you insane. With the Trucker CFO Team on your side, you will be working with experienced professionals who will ask the right questions and provide you with the tools to be successful and maximize your profitability.

To learn more, listen to Colton Lawrence, the Trucker CFO, talk about the importance of working with the right team.

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