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Trucking Tax Deductions

Is It Tax Deductible or Not?As we move into tax season, one of the major topics the Trucker CFO team gets asked about is trucking tax deductions and whether different things are deductible or not. In our experience, we have found that the best way to start the conversation about being deductible or not begins

The Impact of the Mid-Term Elections on the Trucking Industry

All politics is local…This often-heard phrase was first shared 90 years ago. It is originally credited to two political writers of that era, Associated Press Washington Bureau Chief Byron Price and Finley Peter Dunne, a Chicago-based journalist and author. While our country and the world have gone through enormous changes since 1932, a strong case

What is the Best Business Entity for a Trucker?

As a trucker choosing a business entity, you have a lot to consider. You may not be familiar with all the choices, but in this blog, we will cover some of the most common options. The four most common types of business entities for owner-operators are…

IRS Announces Increase to the Per Diem Rate

If you are an owner-operator or independent contractor, the Internal Revenue Service delivered some good news in September. The federal government is increasing the per diem allowance from the current $66 per day to $69 per day. The increase in the allowance in per diem for days spent traveling away from home is effective beginning

Got a Tax Audit Notification?

In the game of “Would You Rather?” few people would rather be audited by the IRS than suffer a different unpleasant fate. And who can blame them? The IRS is scary. But when you have the Trucker CFO on your side, you won’t have to worry…

Getting Your CDL

Recently, we talked about the importance of having a plan before jumping into the owner-operator’s seat. Today, we’re going to dive in a little bit deeper about getting your CDL and a few things you need to take into consideration when doing your research. Not all operations are going to require you to have that CDL,