Radio Replay: Equinox CEO Colton Lawrence Appears as a Guest on Sirius-XM’s Road Dog Live Program

On March 25, Equinox Business Solutions CEO Colton Lawrence was the featured guest on Road Dog Live, which is heard nationally on Sirius-XM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel 146. Colton joined Sirius-XM host Leah Shaver for entire three-hour show. Leah is also the President & CEO of the National Transportation Institute. During the radio program, Leah and Colton fielded calls from professional drivers asking questions and seeking Colton’s perspective on taxes, business planning and what’s happening in the market today. The impact of the COVID-19 national emergency was among the topics discussed. Equinox Business Solutions would like to thank the executive management and staff of Sirius-XM for the opportunity to share the March 25th edition of the Road Dog Live with our podcast audience.

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