Trucker CFO Collaborating with RadioNemo on Driving Your Dollars, a Series Focused on Tax, Accounting & Business Issues

Trucker CFO Collaborating with RadioNemo on Driving Your Dollars, a Series Focused on Tax, Accounting & Business Issues

Tax, Accounting and Business Advisory company serving owner-operators, independent contractors and business owners in the trucking industry is working in collaboration with RadioNemo of North America to produce a new series designed to answer key questions and address important tax, accounting and business management topics.


TAYLORSVILLE, Utah – January 4, 2021 – Trucker CFO, a leading resource in the trucking industry for providing tax, accounting and business advisory services for professional drivers, is pleased to announce the company will be collaborating with RadioNemo of North America on a new series that will address the key tax, accounting and business management topics facing owner-operators, independent contractors, small fleet owners and trucking entrepreneurs.


Starting in January, Trucker CFO and RadioNemo will present “Driving Your Dollars,” a segment that can be heard each Tuesday through the end of April at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time as a weekly feature on the Dave Nemo Show through SiriusXM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel 146. Driving Your Dollars will then shift to twice per month on Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. Eastern from the beginning of May through the end of the year.


Michael Burns, who is the Co-Founder and General Manager of RadioNemo of North America, will serve as the host of Driving Your Dollars. Mr. Burns will be joined for each Driving Your Dollars segment by Colton Lawrence, the owner of Trucker CFO.


Listen to a replay of the first episode of Driving Your Dollars by clicking here.


“Driving Your Dollars is the next step in the outreach our Trucker CFO Team began making to professional drivers through RadioNemo in 2022,” said Mr. Lawrence. “When it comes to connecting with professional drivers on a daily basis, there is no better platform than SiriusXM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio Channel 146 and the Dave Nemo Show. That’s the gold standard.


“When the RadioNemo team recommended that we have a regular branded segment that could help professional drivers through tax season and beyond, we never hesitated,” added Mr. Lawrence. “We appreciate all the challenges that professional drivers, especially business owners, face in this industry. Driving Your Dollars will be designed to help you with the business challenges you encounter in trucking.”


Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Burns had the opportunity to work together on the air in 2022 when Mr. Burns served as a fill-in host on RadioNemo. Mr. Burns has collected a wide range of experiences across his professional career, having worked in law enforcement as well as becoming an owner-operator for a period of time.


Mr. Burns met Dave Nemo after he had written the song “Christmas Comes on Eighteen Wheels.” Mr. Burns and Mr. Nemo eventually formed a partnership that launched RadioNemo of North America. As part of his executive management role at RadioNemo of North America, Mr. Burns serves as the company’s CFO, which will provide him with an additional reference point for the topics that he and Mr. Lawrence will be discussing throughout the Driving Your Dollars series.


“Michael has an amazing collection of life and work experiences. He’s been a part of the trucking industry for many years, and he’s been behind the wheel as a business owner,” noted Mr. Lawrence. “I absolutely believe that what Michael and I will be bringing to the audience of the Dave Nemo Show through Driving Your Dollars can make a positive impact for professional drivers in this industry. Our entire team at Trucker CFO values the opportunity to have a platform where we can reach out and help people throughout all the months of the coming year.”

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