A Christmas Message From Our Equinox Team

A Time To Celebrate & Reflect

A Christmas Message From Our Trucker CFO Team

As Christmas Day arrives, our entire team at the Trucker CFO would like to send our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to everyone working in the trucking industry. While we are quite aware that trucking is a 24/7, 365 business and the industry serves as the wheels of the American economy, it is our sincere hope that everyone who is able to do so can spend part of the Christmas season with your family.

Christmas is a time of year that allows us to have the opportunity to give as well as to reflect on what we have been given during this season and throughout the year. As our team at Equinox looks back at 2021, we are deeply grateful for what we view as the gift to have the opportunities during the year to work with our clients and to make new connections within the trucking industry.

Just like the trucking professionals who move our economy mile by mile, we are in a service business. Our Trucker CFO Team is focused every day on providing our clients and this industry with the kind of perspective and expertise that can make a difference for your business.

As we look forward to 2022, we are excited about meeting the challenges and making the most of the opportunities presented to us in the coming year. You can be certain that our entire Trucker CFO Team will be dedicated to continuing our commitment to trucking professionals. We respect and understand that trucking is a demanding career and it is also a tough lifestyle. We’re here to help you navigate the career path you’ve chosen in a way that allows you to be as successful as you want to be.

The past two years have brought unprecedented challenges to the trucking industry in finding the best paths forward as the world has dealt with a global pandemic. To the surprise of absolutely no one in our industry, trucking has met every challenge and discovered new opportunities along the way.

The role of trucking and the importance of the professionals in this industry have grown in the eyes of our country. People across the U.S. now better understand, appreciate and respect how the store shelves stay full of the items we need and want. The supply chain now has a place of greater prominence in our everyday lives, and our Trucker CFO Team sees a horizon within the trucking industry that can be favorable to entrepreneurs.

As we set aside time during the Christmas season to reflect on the blessings our Trucker CFO Team has experienced in working with trucking professionals during 2021, we hope your Christmas season is filled with joy and great memories with family and friends. As we all prepare for the New Year, we hope that 2022 is filled with opportunities and growth on the road ahead.

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